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  • Large storage area, keep your storage items out of the weather and out of sight. Break-off tabs are on the foot to fit all standard frame widths. Smooth Doors are available.
  • No rear uprights, allowing for closer installation to the truck cab, a real space saver. Full three door enclosure. A very com- pact, usable storage unit.

  • Chain hangers and a full width top shelf are built into the design of the Cabinet Cab Rack. Side door option available for easy access from the ground.
  • Additional mounting brackets not required for standard installations (drilling is required.) A problem solver, mounting system is available for non- standard applications.

General Dimensions

General Dimensions

Shown with options 312 & 313

Shown with options 312 & 313

Beacon Bracket Up Position

Beacon Bracket Up Position

Beacon Bracket Down Position

Beacon Bracket Down Position


  • Use grade 8 bolts to mount. Refer to the Merritt Mounting Instructions for correct installation.
  • Extruded Door Frame with a Full Perimeter Automotive Grade Door Seal.
  • Piano Style Hinges
  • Diamond Plate Surface
  • Stainless Steel Door Locks with Dust Covers.
  • New Side Door Option for Easier Access to Your Storage Areas.
  • UHMW used for Lock Striker Plate, for Easier Operation and Longer Life.
warningNEVER haul a log trailer or a pole trailer with this cab rack installed. It is a misuse of the cab rack and is strictly prohibited by Merritt Aluminum Products Company.

This cab rack is NOT A SAFETY DEVICE and will NOT PREVENT SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from forward shifting cargo as a result of an accident or improper securement.


    • ALWAYS secure your cargo in compliance with FMCSA/DOT regulations. See 49 CFR 393 for specific requirements. Be aware of any applicable state motor carrier regulations.
    • NEVER consider this cab rack to be part of your cargo securement system. It is not a substitute for any cargo securement device and does not change any of the cargo securement requirements.
    • NEVER allow cargo to contact cab rack or use cab rack as a tie down point.
    • NEVER haul a log trailer or a pole trailer with this cab rack installed. It is a misuse of the cab rack and is strictly prohibited by Merritt Aluminum Products Company.
    • INSPECT cab rack weekly for cracks or damage. If damaged, replace cab rack.
    • CHECK torque of all bolts every 90 days. Bolts on Moon Brackets 150ft.-lbs. dry.
    • Use cab rack for storing chains and equipment. For more information, visit
    • ONLY use a Merritt Mounting Kit. If a Merritt Mounting Kit is not used to install a Merritt cab rack, then your cab rack warranty will be void.

WARNING - NEVER reuse a mounting kit.

ALWAYS read and follow the Merritt Mounting Kit Assembly Instructions to ensure proper installation. If you do not have the proper equipment or skill to install the cab rack, take your vehicle to an authorized dealer.

Models and/or Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.

F.O.B. - Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Dallas TX, Henderson CO, Houston TX, Minneapolis MN, Nashville TN, Pittsburgh PA, Sacramento CA, Kansas City KS, Calgary, AB (Canada), Toronto, ON (Canada)

Order 313

#313 Sliding Beacon Bracket and
#392 Hose Tender

Internal View

Internal view

Side View

Side view

Order # Description Shipping Weight
310 Cabinet-Cab Rack 68” x 84” x 18” 320 Lbs.
309 Tarp Strap Holders 1 Lbs.
311 Problem Solver Mounting Kit 81 Lbs.
312 Side Door Assembly (left or right) 16 Lbs.
313 Sliding Beacon Bracket 10 Lbs.
314 Chain Hangers 2 Lbs.
392 Hose Tender 6 Lbs.