Aluminum Toolboxes for Semi-Trucks

Not all semi-trucks come with a storage area for tools and gears — but it’s a must-have for any trucker. Whether you need an underbody toolbox or a set of flatbed toolboxes for your fleet, you’ll find it in our wide selection of toolboxes for semi-trucks. Custom styles are also available to suit your specific needs.

As a top manufacturer for North America’s trucking industry, we make it easy for you to place your order. We have warehouses across the US, cutting down the delivery time significantly. You will get your new or replacement toolboxes, along with mounting kits, in no time, no matter where you are in the country.

smooth single door tool box
smooth double door tool box
diamond plate double door tool box
diamond plate single door toolbox


Constructed of high strength/low weight aluminum. Protective coating on smooth L doors for improved shipping protection (to
be removed at time of installation.)

Polished stainless steel T-handle latches with locks. Doors available in smooth finish or diamond plate. All smooth doors
are polished to a # 8 grade for an exceptional appearance.

  • 40 standard base models

  • Piano style door hinge

  • Stainless Steel doors are available by special order

  • Custom styles and designs are available to meet specific needs

  • Door lanyard option available

Keep Your Tools and More

Our aluminum toolboxes for semi-trucks offer legendary toughness, delivering the following advantages:

Security and protection

Changing a flat or blown tire or replacing a clutch cable on the roadside is part of a trucker’s job. It’s a must-do for truckers to bring a set of go-to tools and gears whenever they hit the open road. But without secure storage, their tools can easily get stolen while they’re taking a break at rest areas or truck stops.

Rain, sunlight, and harsh temperatures can also wreak havoc on tools if they are left out in the truck bed. Our secure, durable toolboxes can protect your tools or those of your truckers from weather elements.

Better tool organization

With a truck toolbox, it’s easier to organize tools. You can find them faster whenever you need to do quick repairs on the roadside. This will save you a significant amount of time, whether you’re a truck driver, operator, or a fleet manager.

Visual appeal

Our toolboxes are made of aluminum complete with polished stainless-steel T-handle latches. Their doors are available in a diamond plate or smooth finish. But no matter which standard style you choose, our toolboxes can add a visual appeal to your truck. You can also opt for custom styles and designs.

Why Choose Merritt?

Whether you’re a truck driver, owner, or a parts manager for an auto shop or truck dealership, you can’t go wrong with Merritt Aluminum Products.

High-quality, good-looking toolboxes

Made of high-strength/low-weight aluminum, our toolboxes are durable and sleek without adding any significant weight to your truck. Plus, with their superior strength, our toolboxes are the ideal choice for trucks operating in harsh environments.

40 standard base models, customization available

With us, you have the convenience to get a toolbox explicitly made for your vehicle. Tell us your requirements, and we can turn any of our standard models into a custom toolbox for your semi-truck.

11 warehouses across the US

Our company has 11 fully stocked warehouses across the US. This helps us reduce our delivery time significantly, making our team capable of shipping orders anywhere in the country in just a few days.

Ready to order toolboxes for your fleet of semi-trucks or auto shop? Get in touch with us today.


  • UHMW Plastic used on striker plate for longer latch assembly life and easier operation.
  • Automotive grade door seals, secures the entire perimeter, for a more water resistant seal.
  • Merritt’s extruded door frame provides added strength.
  • Lap joint weld provides material overlap in the corner where it is needed for superior strength and longer life (compared to most boxes that are constructed with butt welds).

General Dimensions


  • Vertical angle is high strength alloy and 1/4” thick.

  • Steel for strength and low cost, Zinc Plated for lasting good looks!

  • Available for 18” or 24” deep Tool Boxes.

  • Lightweight design – 117 only 18 lbs., 118 only 25 lbs.

zinc plated mounting bracket illustrations

General Dimensions

Order # Description A B Shipping Weight
117 For 18′ Deep Tool Box 23-13/16″ 16″ 18
118 For 24′ Deep Tool Box 29-13/16″ 22″ 25
620 E-Z Mounting Kit for 18″ Tool Boxes 24
621 E-Z Mounting Kit for 24″ Deep Tool Boxes 31


Order # Description Shipping Weight
201 18x18x18 Smooth Single Door 25 Lbs.
203 18x18x24 Smooth Single Door 36 Lbs.
205 18x18x30 Smooth Single Door 42 Lbs.
207 18x18x36 Smooth Single Door 48 Lbs.
287 18x18x36 Smooth Double Door 49 Lbs.
209 18x18x48 Smooth Single Door 60 Lbs.
211 18x18x48 Smooth Double Door 61 Lbs.
289 18x18x60 Smooth Single Door 69 Lbs.
291 18x18x60 Smooth Double Door 70 Lbs.
213 24x24x24 Smooth Single Door 47 Lbs.
215 24x24x30 Smooth Single Door 56 Lbs.
217 24x24x36 Smooth Single Door 64 Lbs.
235 24x24x36 Smooth Double Door 61 Lbs.
219 24x24x48 Smooth Single Door 77 Lbs.
221 24x24x48 Smooth Double Door 79 Lbs.
223 24x24x60 Smooth Single Door 105 Lbs.
225 24x24x60 Smooth Double Door 107 Lbs.
293 18x24x48 Smooth Single Door 66 Lbs.
295 18x24x48 Smooth Double Door 67 Lbs.
297 18x24x60 Smooth Single Door 87 Lbs.
299 18x24x60 Smooth Double Door 88 Lbs.


Order # Description Shipping Weight
202 18x18x18 Dia. Plate Single Door 28 Lbs.
204 18x18x24 Dia. Plate Single Door 37 Lbs.
206 18x18x30 Dia. Plate Single Door 43 Lbs.
208 18x18x36 Dia. Plate Single Door 49 Lbs.
288 18x18x36 Dia. Plate Double Door 50 Lbs.
210 18x18x48 Dia. Plate Single Door 61 Lbs.
212 18x18x48 Dia. Plate Double Door 62 Lbs.
290 18x18x60 Dia. Plate Single Door 70 Lbs.
292 18x18x60 Dia. Plate Double Door 71 Lbs.
214 24x24x24 Dia. Plate Single Door 48 Lbs.
216 24x24x30 Dia. Plate Single Door 57 Lbs.
218 24x24x36 Dia. Plate Single Door 65 Lbs.
236 24x24x36 Dia. Plate Double Door 61 Lbs.
220 24x24x48 Dia. Plate Single Door 78 Lbs.
222 24x24x48 Dia. Plate Double Door 80 Lbs.
224 24x24x60 Dia. Plate Single Door 106 Lbs.
226 24x24x60 Dia. Plate Double Door 108 Lbs.
294 18x24x48 Dia. Plate Single Door 67 Lbs.
296 18x24x48 Dia. Plate Double Door 68 Lbs.
298 18x24x60 Dia. Plate Single Door 88 Lbs.
300 18x24x60 Dia. Plate Double Door 89 Lbs.


Order # Description Shipping Weight
1518 18″ Lanyard Kit, Tool Box 1 Lbs.
1519 24″ Lanyard Kit, Tool Box 1 Lbs.
1824 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 18×24 Tool Box 7 Lbs.
1830 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 18×30 Tool Box 10 Lbs.
1836 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 18×36 Tool Box 12 Lbs.
1848 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 18×48 Tool Box 16 Lbs.
212 18x18x48 Dia. Plate Double Door 62 Lbs.
1860 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 18×60 Tool Box 23 Lbs.
2424 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 24×24 Tool Box 10 Lbs.
2430 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 24×30 Tool Box 12 Lbs.
2436 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 24×36 Tool Box 15 Lbs.
2448 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 24×48 Tool Box 19 Lbs.
2460 Shelf, Bolt-In, for 24×60 Tool Box 23 Lbs.
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