Light Truck Side Box

When it comes to pickup truck side boxes, Merritt Aluminum Products is the name to trust. We offer a wide selection of side boxes designed to keep all of your must-have items while on the road easily accessible and secure. Our boxes are made of high-grade commercial aluminum alloy, delivering lightweight and durability. These are the same quality boxes semi-truck drivers and owners have trusted for over 68 years

  • Flexible design and storage configurations
  • Door and body extrusions provide best-in-industry weather-resistance
  • Premium latch hardware and tamper-resistant locks for unmatched security
  • Available in three powder coat finishes
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The Benefits of Merritt’s Side Boxes

Merritt Aluminum Products is family owned and operated for over 68 years. Our commitment to delivering quality truck accessories is unparalleled in the industry. This is evident in the light truck market and the side boxes offered for any Full-Size pickup truck. Our purpose is to help customers be successful through high-quality products and exceptional support service.