Which Heavy Duty Storage Box is Right for You?

When you’re on the road, keeping your belongings and other must-haves safe and secure is always important. To do so, you need the right heavy-duty storage box. Merritt Aluminum Products is your best bet when you’re on the hunt for the perfect one, whether you’re looking for a tool, battery, DEF, or other heavy-duty storage box.

There’s a reason Merritt’s name is so reputable in the trucking industry—their high-quality, tried-and-true products speak for themselves. Trying to choose on the perfect heavy-duty storage box for your truck? Let’s take a look at some of Merritt Aluminum Products’ best storage box options (they have 18 models to choose from!) to help you narrow the search.


These popular storage boxes are the leaders of the pack for featuring the following:

  • a piano-style door hinge
  • Stainless steel doors are available by special order
  • Custom styles and designs are available to meet specific needs
  • Door lanyard option available


Looking for the best battery box? Merritt’s top picks include features like:

  • Five styles to choose from to aid in your installation process
  • Four side-frame mounts and one in-frame mount.
  • Made from a strong, yet lightweight aluminum alloy, for a long-lasting lifespan
  • Side-frame units can mount using a frame drill bracket or a “No-Drill” kit that does not require drilling the frame. This saves installation time.
  • All models of battery boxes are stocked in various Merritt Warehouse locations.
  • In-Frame box does not require any frame drilling to mount, saving installation time. Comes with mounting kit.
  • All boxes come with or have an optional battery hold down kit. You do not need to spend time on how to mount the batteries.
  • Battery boxes will hold two, four or six group 31 batteries. High-grade aluminum alloy construction for low weight, yet high strength to deliver longer box life.


If you’re in the market for space-saving, stackable storage boxes, take a look at what you’ll get with Merritt’s selection:

  • Mount underbody, on top of the deck, side by side – the door will open.
  • Constructed of high strength/low weight aluminum.
  • 42 standard base models
  • Bullet-style hinge with 1/4″ S/S center pin.
  • Custom sizes and designs are available to meet specific needs.
  • Stainless steel doors are available by special order.


If you’re looking for a space-saving, sectioned saddle box, also known as a “step box,” Merritt’s selection that features optional internal chain racks or dividers, as well as versions with or without step options.

In addition to all of the versatile options above, Merritt’s array of options for your heavy-duty storage needs also include POLY BOXES, CAB ACCESS BOXES, DEF STORAGE BOXES, BETWEEN-THE-FRAME TOOL BOXES, LOGGER BOXES, and more.

Think you’ve found your perfect match? Call or email Merritt Aluminum Products today to place your order, or visit https://merrittproducts.com/heavy-duty/storage-boxes/ to explore all of your heavy-duty storage box options (and their product specifications) in detail.