628 short foot cab rack


  • Increased clearance over the standard Cab Rack.

  • Fits any Merritt Cab Rack, Dyna-Light or Diamond Back. (15 Models)

  • Fits all standard truck frame widths.

  • Special tray options are available to maximize trailer swing clearance.

  • Drill pattern mounting instruction attached to the foot for ease of installation.

  • Stocked in most Merritt warehouse locations.

Order # Description Shipping Weight
301 Short Ft. Option, Add to any Merritt Cab Rack
317301 Dyna-Light 68″ x 70″ Radius Corner 122 Lbs.
318301 Dyna-Light 68″ x 76″ Radius Corner 125 Lbs.
319301 Dyna-Light 68″ x 86″ Radius Corner 130 Lbs.
320301 Dyna-Light 68″ x 80″ Radius Corner 128 Lbs.
321301 Dyna-Light 73″ x 78″ Radius Corner 133 Lbs.
322301 Dyna-Light 75″ x 86″ Radius Corner 140 Lbs.
3750301 Dyna-Light 80″ x 76″ Radius Corner 176 Lbs.
370301 Diamond Back 68″ x 70″ 45°Corner 122 Lbs.
371301 Diamond Back 68″ x 86″ 45°Corner 130 Lbs.


  • Use grade 8 bolts to mount.  Refer to the Merritt Mounting Instructions for correct installation.  (Not Included)
  • Requires drilling frame rail
  • Merritt Short Foot Cab Racks are not to be used in conjunction with log trailers or pole trailers.


or DEATH from forward shifting cargo as a result of an accident or improper securement.


  • ALWAYS secure your cargo in compliance with FMCSA/DOT regulations.  See 49 CFR 393 for specific requirements.  Be aware of any applicable state motor carrier regulations.
  • NEVER consider this cab rack to be part of your cargo securement system.  It is not a substitute for any cargo securement device and does not change any of the cargo securement requirements.
  • NEVER allow cargo to contact cab rack or use cab rack as a tie down point.
  • NEVER haul a log trailer or a pole trailer with this cab rack installed.  It is a misuse of the cab rack and is strictly prohibited by Merritt Aluminum Products Company.
  • INSPECT cab rack weekly for cracks or damage.  If damaged, replace cab rack.
  • CHECK torque for all bolts every 90 days.
  • Use cab rack for storing chains and equipment.  For more information, visit 
  • Proper installation of the cab rack is the responsibility of the installer.  If you do not have the proper equipment or skill to install the cab rack, take your vehicle to an authorized dealer.
  • All cab racks should be installed with an industry accepted mounting system.  The mounting system will not prevent serious injury or death from forward shifting cargo as a result of an accident or improper securement.

WARNING - NEVER reuse a mounting kit.

ALWAYS read and follow the Mounting Kit Assembly Instructions to ensure proper installation.

Models and/or Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.

F.O.B. - Fort Lupton CO, Sacramento CA, Salt Lake City UT, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Kansas City MO, Minneapolis MN, Atlanta GA, Pittsburgh PA, Calgary AB (Canada), Toronto ON (Canada)

General Dimensions


Model A B
317/370 68″ 70″
318 68″ 76″
319/371 68″ 86″
320 68″ 80″
321 73″ 78″
322 75″ 86″
3750 80″ 76″
Order # Description Shipping Weight
*663 2 (147) Locking Chain Racks and 2 (602) 18″ Panel Mount Trays 22 Lbs.
*664 2 (147) Locking Chain Racks and 2 (603) 24″ Panel Mount Trays 24 Lbs.
128 Chain Rack Without Locking Cover 5 Lbs.
147 Chain Rack With Locking Cover 7 Lbs.
145 Stop & Turn Light Bracket 5 Lbs.
142 Grab Handle, 25″ 1 Lbs.
332 Divider Panel for Full Width Trays 1 Lbs.
143 Load Light, with Lexan cover 1 Lbs.
144 Bracket, Load Light 1 Lbs.
335 Tarp Tray, Top Mount 20 Lbs.
336 Tray Panel Mount 12″ x 26″ 8 Lbs.
341 Enclosure Shelf 7 Lbs.
336 Tray, 30″ Panel Mount 8 Lbs.
340 Full Enclosure 14″OD/11″OD 118 Lbs.
369 E-Z View Window
373 Center Enclosure 10″ Deep 55 Lbs.
375 Center Enclosure 18″ Deep 67 Lbs.
381 Side Enclosure 9″ Deep 63 Lbs.
601 2 Ctr Mntd, Locking Chain Racks 10 Lbs.
602 18″ L Panel Mount Tray, 5″D x 12″H 6 Lbs.
603 24″ L Panel Mount Tray, 5″D x 12″H 7 Lbs.
604 Full Panel Mount Tray, 5″D x 12″H 18 Lbs.
605 Low Mount Tray, Outside 18″W x 18″H x 10″D 9 Lbs.
606 Low Mount Tray, Center 28″W x 18″H x 10″D 11 Lbs.
607 Lid for Low Mount Tray, Center 5 Lbs.
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