The Ultimate Solution for Fuel Transfer: Merritt’s High-Performance Transfer Tanks 

In heavy-duty operations, reliable fuel transfer is key. Merritt Products’ Transfer Tanks offer the ultimate solution for secure and efficient diesel fuel storage, ensuring your operations run smoothly and without …

In heavy-duty operations, reliable fuel transfer is key. Merritt Products’ Transfer Tanks offer the ultimate solution for secure and efficient diesel fuel storage, ensuring your operations run smoothly and without interruption.  

What Are Transfer Tanks? 

Transfer tanks are specially designed containers used for transporting and storing diesel fuel. They play a critical role in maintaining continuous operation for trucks and heavy equipment by providing a reliable source of fuel on the go. 

Key Features of Merritt Transfer Tanks 

Durability and Material Quality 

Merritt Transfer Tanks are constructed from true 11-gauge steel, which is 35% thicker than the steel used by competitors. This robust build is further enhanced by a powder-coated finish, available in satin black or white, ensuring long-lasting durability. 

Design and Compatibility 

These tanks are designed to fit full-size truck beds, fitting snugly between the wheel-wells. The included mounting kit features brackets that position the tank forward of the wheel well, optimizing space and ensuring a secure fit. Additionally, the baffled design prevents weight transfer, maintaining stability during transport. 

“As these tanks were in development, we kept consistently hearing about all the common failure points of other tanks in the market. Whether the pump assembly’s weight cracked the connection port or the corner seams separating, it was consistent across other manufacturers. We simply took that information and focused our design on those common issues” noted JD Hall, Product Manager.  

Functionality and Safety 

Safety and functionality are our specialty. From pressure testing each unit for a leak-free guarantee, a lockable fill cap for added security, and reinforced ports that enhance durability for both internal and external filler/pump ports, our transfer tank was built with functionality and safety, first.  

Capacity and Warranty 

“The most unique aspect of these tanks is the top connection ports. With how advanced these pump and fuel management systems are getting it just adds more and more weight that needs to be supported by one single threaded connection port” JD highlighted. “We wanted to have something in place that can hold up to the current demands as well as have a design that can support all the pump systems that will come out in the future.”  

With a 90-gallon capacity, these tanks provide ample storage for extended operations. Backed by a 5-year warranty, you can trust in the quality and reliability of Merritt Transfer Tanks. “Thats the primary reason we have the 3 built-in prevention aspects: Internal support bracket, thicker base material as well as an additional steel plate on top to keep all movement to a minimum.” 

Practical Benefits 

The combination of these features translates to significant real-world benefits. Users experience enhanced efficiency due to the large capacity and robust construction, while the secure and stable design ensures safe fuel transfer. Customer testimonials highlight dependable performance, emphasizing the tanks’ role in sustaining interruption-free productivity.  

Additional Options and Accessories 

Merritt Transfer Tanks are available in satin black or white, offering aesthetic flexibility. They are also compatible with all standard depth Merritt crossbody boxes, allowing for seamless integration with existing setups. 


“After speaking to many dealers that we work with on a daily basis, we were seeing a failure or cracking issue in 15-25% of tanks in the field. With the amount of liability that’s at stake with a fuel leak on a jobsite or an oil reserve we all agreed that number was way too high. So, with that mindset we wanted to provide a product to the market that gives our customers and the dealer owners peace of mind when choosing a Merritt product over what other options are available in the market” JD concluded.   

Merritt’s Transfer Tanks provide an unparalleled solution for your fuel transfer needs, combining durability, safety, and functionality. Ensure your operations run smoothly with the reliability and efficiency that only Merritt Products can offer. 

Visit Merritt Products’ Transfer Tanks or Contact Sales for more information.

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