Light Truck Transfer Tanks

When you’re in the business of getting things done, and your truck is “your office,” getting caught without fuel is just not an option. For this reason, it’s impossible to oversell the benefit of transfer tanks. When you’re thinking of transfer tanks, think no further than the innovative design and high-quality construction you’re accustomed to in Merritt products. These transfer tanks offer unsurpassed quality and value.

  • Enjoy the quality you’ve come to expect through Merritt products
  • Configurable designs integrate with most Full-Size pickups
  • Have the capacity to operate in and from remote locations
  • Don’t ever run out of fuel
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The Benefits of Merritt’s Transfer Tanks

Our purpose is to help our customers succeed by providing high performance, high quality products, and exceptional support services. This is reflected in the transfer tanks you find on these pages. We make every effort to be the easiest company in the industry to deal with. If you experience an issue, we will always try to do what is fair to make it right.