Merritt’s Wide Selection of
Semi-Truck Fenders

Merritt’s heavy duty semi truck fenders represent the standard in quality and durability for Class 7 and 8 trucks. Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and polymer, we offer classic and modern styles in the material that best suits your need.

Whether you need a lightweight option or an extra-reinforced pair of super duty fenders, Merritt has you (and your wheels) covered.

  • Select from stainless, aluminum, and polymer materials

  • Available in single-axle, double-axle, and quarter fender configurations

  • Complete mounting bracket system available

Aluminum and Stainless Fenders

deep drop fenders
stainless quarter fenders
  • Rolled, Deep Drop, Super Duty, and Quarter Fenders

  • Thirty-six models of fenders to fit most applications and twelve different designs to cover your various needs.

  • Different styles and materials to choose from, allowing you to pick the “look” you want.

  • Design a mounting style that will work for your truck. Custom lengths are available.

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Poly-Pro Fenders

  • High-density polyethylene withstands both hot and cold weather extremes

  • Lightweight and tough. Low-maintenance.

  • Capable of surviving multiple impacts

  • UV protection to prevent fading and crumbling in the sun

  • Easy to install and replace

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poly pro fenders
set of three poly-pro fenders

E-Z Fender Mounting System

ez fender mounting system
ez hd head bracket
  • 6 Models to choose from, allowing you to adapt a bracket to your application. 3 Adjustable models, giving you greater flexibility.

  • All E-Z Fender Mount brackets have the time tested single mounting bolt. Very Quick- Very Easy!

  • 3 Straight models available with rubber spacers, which provide 1″ clearance between the fender and bracket, allowing dirt and gravel to pass through… makes cleaning easier.

  • All hardware is supplied with each bracket for mounting.

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